Hello! My name is Jennifer. I am 23, a stay at home mom/housewife to my wonderful husband, and our family consists’ of a 14 mo energetic boy, 2 Siberian Huskies, a Beagle, and a house cat. Some would consider that a farm, we call it “life”. We love and treat our pets as though they were our own flesh and blood (with exceptions).

We live in a decent sized town, here in Colorado, and when i have free time (which isn’t often) I like to try and blog. I have sucked lately at actually writing in my journal at my bedside table, and have even tried typing, printing, and glueing entry’s into my already existing said journal, which takes up the limited time I do get. So, needless to say, I found this! 

My life is full of crazy adventures, daily trials, and sometimes I just need a friend out there to listen. With as many family members under one roof, (2 or 4 legs) crazy things are bound to happen that need to be told. 

This is my way to vent, ramble, share, talk, and get my thoughts out in the open if you will. To talk and get to know other bloggers, and relate. We are all human. We all have stories. Lets let them be heard. 

I hope you enjoy the journey, as I go about sharing pieces of my life with you. 

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